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Easy Veggie Burger Assembly

This is for a non-complicated, in a quicky veggie burger!

What you’ll need:
Veggie burgers – 1 is always better than 2! (Try to find a brand that doesn’t have a laundry list of ingredients, the fewer the ingredients the more wholesome it is).
Sliced tomato (just cut off what you need and store the rest in a baggy, set aside in the fridge. Ripe but Firm tomatoes will keep up to a week.)
Sliced purple onion (just cut what you need and store the rest in the fridge for another meal)
BBQ sauce
Whole wheat buns
Grated cheddar cheese (Less is more!)

1. Assemble your bun with your condiments while you cook your burger according to directions, I like to grill mine but you can fry em or whatever! In the last 2 minutes smother with BBQ sauce and continue to cook until finished. Place it on your bun with all your fixen’s, sprinkle some cheddar on it and your done!



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