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Restaurant Style Cesar Salad

Simple cesar salad:

1. Pretty straightforward get some lettuce and a dinner plate. Fill half of the dinner plate with lettuce (I use blended romaine and iceberg)
2. Remove and put into a large bowl, toss it with one tbsp of dressing until nicely coated or spread it on ranch style.
3. Crush some fresh black pepper over it, spritz a dash of lemon juice and top with some grated cheddar (Less is more!).

When it comes to salads and my meals I always lay the salad on thick, honestly it takes up like 70% of my plate so don’t be afraid to be generous with it. It really helps to give you that full and satisfied feeling and best of all if you are cautious with how much dressing and cheese you are using you can typically keep your salad under 150 calories.


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