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Fact or Fiction The Rules and Myths of Diets and Dieting

Fact or Fiction the 8 Myths of Dieting

It is healthy for me to go from eating high calorie amounts of Calories to a low calorie diet?

This is not a healthy decision, if you insist on a lower calorie diet you should always taper off. Common side effects of doing this can include:
Mood swings
Binge eating

The higher the fat content the higher the obesity rate?

The higher the fat content the higher the risk of heart disease. Fat does not make you fat, soluble oils are used to help lubricate your intestines to keep bowel movements smooth and easy. Insoluble fats such as trans fats clog arteries. However soluble fats can still pose health concerns if used generously.

I can lose weight on a low carb diet:

You can lose weight on a low carb diet such as The Atkins Diet but this is not a diet you’d want to commit to long term. It is incredibly difficult to keep your carbs below 60g per day, almost un-real in my opinion. If you want to do a low carb diet I’d say keep your intake under 120g per day and you will find that you can lose weight and not put your body through functioning hell. Your body needs carbs for energy protein rich foods have energy but it is easily burnt off and done even more quickly on a low carb diet leaving your body well.. Starving.

I need to starve in order to lose weight:

You need to eat a healthy well balanced diet and over time the weight will come off and you will find that you look and feel better. Patience is key the only way to lose 50 pounds virtually overnight is to starve, starve and starve which is just as equally un-healthy for your body as is being overweight.

Crabs make you fat?
Fact and Fiction

Sugar makes you fat as does any heavily processed grain bottom line. Actually just for the sake of things any processed food makes you fat why? Because it has a very short half-life meaning it gets absorbed almost instantly by the body and because it is so finely processed there is very little way to expel it from the body other than sweating. Consuming complex carbs such as whole grains, and whole foods means that almost half of what you take in won’t be digested and will be expelled by the body via the colon. The nutrients that it does take out is dense and is usually something your body is able to use over a longer period of time which means that your body is actually burning calories just trying to consume the calories.

I can lose weight by eating a well balanced diet and not working out:

You can, it just takes longer. Also everyone should do some form of extra activity per day like walking, it’s so simple yet so powerful. On average you actually burn more calories walking than cycling all it takes is 25 minutes per day. It doesn’t have to be a chore you can learn to love it, you were born to do it, all those aches, pains and excuses you make to avoid it will all disappear if you keep up with your walking. Incorporate it into every day life if you just remain a blob on the couch your body will shut down, weaken become brittle and that is why you have so many aches and pains.

Juice fasting is a quick alternative to lose weight:

It is and some people say it brings them to a form of higher conciousness which I can agree because they have probably become delusional from the lack of food. Is it safe and healthy? I think it’s just another crazy fad, of course if you starve you’ll lose weight but why is your appearence so important to you that you are willing to become a miserable tyrant who will just end up consuming everything in sight at the end of day 10? Try to find a well balanced diet that works for you stick to it and be patient, being healthy and looking great is a lifestyle that starts with you and the way you treat your body not some ridiculously crazy fad.

Can I still lose weight on a low calorie diet if I only eat one meal a day and that meal consists of fast food?

Probably but if your going to all this trouble to look and feel your best fast food is not the answer. You may look great on the outside but you’ll always feel fat and miserable on the inside and that’s the fall out of eating stuff you know is heavily processed and contains virtually no positive nutritional values.


The 5 main rules of a healthy diet

Less is more
You get to eat what you want and feel great. Always portion control if it’s a dessert you want take a nibble and then pass it to someone else or throw it out. If you want chocolate have only 1 square and savor it, let it melt in your mouth and appreciate the wonderfully satisfying flavours. Even fast food, if you’re really craving it or you have no choice if your with another person by only 1 meal and split it, ask the counter person for a fork and knife. If it’s you alone try to find a healthy alternative like the grocery store’s lunch bar.

Control your oils
When cooking use only 1 tsp of oil for every 2 servings, keep a glass of bouillon next to you that accommodates the meal e.g. beef for red meats or red mock meat flavours, chicken stock for white meats or rice and beans, vegetable for anything. When your oil dries up throw in a splash of the bouillon to keep the saute experience going.

Eat all day but keep it small
Consuming small quantities of food throughout the day is the best way to lose weight and stave off hunger pains. Look at a food pyramid and follow it, you can virtually eat everything on that pyramid without gaining weight best of all by following a pyramid your taste buds aren’t missing out on any flavours which causes cravings. My daily schedule for the veg4ninety is a well balanced diet, I understand the love and art of eating small portions all day long, if it’s nuts I want I will only have 8 and enjoy the experience more by taking little nibbles or breaking the nuts in half. Not only that eating small makes you feel and think small, you get to enjoy a petite sense of feeling which aids in boosting your weight loss experience.

Eat to satisfy your taste buds don’t eat til your full
Food is food is food is food. If your eating you won’t die fortunately it may take a week or two to get into limbo but the best rule of thumb is to never over fill your plate, get seconds or eat until you’re about to burst. Savor the plate full of food you have, eat slowly, modestly and eat to remove the hunger pains and cravings. You dont need to be full to feel satisfied, food expands in your stomach thats why eating slowly will make the hunger pains go away. Plus it keeps your metabolism running smoothly because it’s not exhausted trying to break down 10lbs of food. I always finish my dinner with a cup of tea, the tea seems to put the icing on the cake to fill me up the rest of the way. Plus it removes the flavour of food from my mouth so that I no longer crave more food.

Sugars and spice and everything nice
The best rule is don’t ever let your body get to the point of cravings, this is easily avoided by eating continuously throughout the day. But should it happen and you are craving chocolate or gummy bears always go for the alternative. If craving chocolate make yourself a calorie conscious peanut butter and nutella 1/2 sandwich if it’s gummy bears you crave enjoy a nice fruit salad. Honey is a super food and better for you than refined sugar so try substituting added sugars for natural honey. Surprisingly even though honey is all sugar it also contains powerful antioxidants and has almost every nutrient required for the human body in 1 tablespoon.. Mind you a table spoon has A LOT of carbs so if you want to get the benefits of the bee’s opt for Bee Pollen instead it comes in granules (tastes like horse hay) capsules, and powder. Bee pollen has been known to aid in a laundry list of health issues ranging from sexual dysfunction to weight loss, better mentality and energy.


That’s all I have for today Happy Weight Loss!!


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