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Falaffel Salad

Falaffel salad serves 1:

4 veggie patch fallafel balls (heated)
1/2 tomato diced
1/4 of fresh curly parsley minced
1 garlic clove
3 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp of sea salt
1 tbsp hummus
1 tbsp tahini
1/8 tsp Cumin optional
Salad I say use a bag or a half bag you can’t go wrong with lettuce! I prefer romaine for this salad.


1.  Dice the tomato and parsley and mix together in a bowl.

2. Mix the crushed garlic, lemon juice, cumin and salt in any container which as a spout for pouring.

3. Microwave the falaffel balls if frozen for 3 minutes if fresh 1.5 minutes or until hot.

4. In a large bowl mix together the hummus, tahini and salad together until coated and transfer to plate

5. Add the falaffel balls on top ( I cut them in half) Sprinkle the tomato and parsley mixture on it, then sprinkle the lemon-garlic mixture on it and top with frank’s hot sauce for added flavour and voila!


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Restaurant Style Cesar Salad

Simple cesar salad:

1. Pretty straightforward get some lettuce and a dinner plate. Fill half of the dinner plate with lettuce (I use blended romaine and iceberg)
2. Remove and put into a large bowl, toss it with one tbsp of dressing until nicely coated or spread it on ranch style.
3. Crush some fresh black pepper over it, spritz a dash of lemon juice and top with some grated cheddar (Less is more!).

When it comes to salads and my meals I always lay the salad on thick, honestly it takes up like 70% of my plate so don’t be afraid to be generous with it. It really helps to give you that full and satisfied feeling and best of all if you are cautious with how much dressing and cheese you are using you can typically keep your salad under 150 calories.

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Easy Veggie Burger Assembly

This is for a non-complicated, in a quicky veggie burger!

What you’ll need:
Veggie burgers – 1 is always better than 2! (Try to find a brand that doesn’t have a laundry list of ingredients, the fewer the ingredients the more wholesome it is).
Sliced tomato (just cut off what you need and store the rest in a baggy, set aside in the fridge. Ripe but Firm tomatoes will keep up to a week.)
Sliced purple onion (just cut what you need and store the rest in the fridge for another meal)
BBQ sauce
Whole wheat buns
Grated cheddar cheese (Less is more!)

1. Assemble your bun with your condiments while you cook your burger according to directions, I like to grill mine but you can fry em or whatever! In the last 2 minutes smother with BBQ sauce and continue to cook until finished. Place it on your bun with all your fixen’s, sprinkle some cheddar on it and your done!


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Easy Mushroom Stroganoff

Recipe for the Strokanoff (inside joke):
Makes two servings
400g Mushrooms (if you don’t fancy the taste of mushrooms like them thin, sauteeing will remove the mushroom taste.)
1x small onion
1x garlic
1 tsp oil
1x packet of roast or mushroom gravy (brown gravy)
1/2 cup of rice whole grain is better but I used white Jasmine this time

1. Prepare the rice according to instructions on bag or rice cooker
2. Slice and dice the mushroom and onion (I was low on time and had to slice my mushrooms in half, what a mistake that was.)
3. Sautee the mushroom and onion in a pan with 1 tsp of oil until golden brown
4. When just about finished crush the garlic clove and sautee for one minute more
5. Premix your gravy and pour it over the mushroom and onion mix and stir until thickened.
6. Divide the rice between two plates and top with the mushroom and onion mix, voila! Quick, healthy and filling. Serve with a generous side salad and you are set!

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Fruit Salad and Cereal Fruit Salad Parfait

This recipe is for both the Fruit Salad and the Fruit Salad Cereal Parfait – Each recipe serves 1

Fruit salad:
2 strawberries sliced 3 ways and then across (6 pieces total)
4 Raspberries
4 Black berry’s
1/2 Apple (if not using the other half right away store face down in some lemon juice, then cut away the bitter part the next day)
1 Walnut crushed
Sprinkle a dash of sugar for flavour (I use 1/2 packet sugar twin sweetner) and toss

Cereal Parfait:
2 Strawberries cut 3 ways and then across
4 Raspberries
4 Blackberries
5 Raisin’s
1 Walnut Crushed
Sugar or sweetner for flavour (if using sweetner 1/2 packet is plenty)
1/8 Cup Fibre One cereal sticks
1/8 cup mini shredded wheat brown sugar flavour
1/8 cup Fibre One maple clusters
1 Tsp crushed flax seed
1/4 cup vanilla yogurt (look for one that has 50 cals and 5 carbs per half or 1/3 cup).
3/4 cup non-gmo soy milk


1. Mix together in a bowl the berries, walnut, raisin, cereal and flax (if preparing earlier on just mix the berries, walnut, raisin and sugar then put in fridge, will keep overnight. Add the cereal and flax when ready to eat.)

2. In a measuring cup add your 1/4 cup of yogurt and fill the rest with soy milk, leave a bit of space at the top to reduce making a mess. Stir slowly until a thick consistency is reached. Pour over your cereal toss and enjoy!

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Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw

Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw  Serves 10 but in my case this is enough for 2 people for 5 days and keep it in a large bowl inside the fridge):

1/4 head of winter cabbage diced into small pieces (just keep chopping, bringing the bunch in and chopping like a pro!)
1 large carrot shredded or finely diced
1 radish shredded (optional)
1/4 of a purple onion finely diced (same way as cabbage)
1 garlic pressed
1 handful of curly parsley finely diced (same way as cabbage)
1 large roasted red pepper (from a jar) or 1/4 of the jar diced
1/4 cup red wine Vinegar (you can use any vinegar really-if you do you may need to use more for that tangy-ness)
1/8 cup oil
3 Tsp sugar
Salt and pepper to taste, dash of powdered mustard
Toss and let sit preferably overnight.

You know sometimes it can take a couple hours to get things like the coleslaw and radicchio soup prepared for a week in advanced but it’s worth it and you only have to suffer through it once (twice in the case of the soup but thats easy!) It also helps if you have a partner who lends a hand, my husband is equal minded he cuts the cabbage for me which make such an incredibly huge difference!

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Vegetarian for 90 days – W2 Day five, six & seven – Veg4ninety – Weight Loss Diet

If you couldn’t tell already blogging takes a lot of time so I’ve had to compress many days into one. Here is a breakdown of the finishing of week 2. I am now on week 3 day one and I am still steady at 171 lbs so all in all I’ve lost on average 2lbs per week which is pretty normal. However, I know like I know once I start on week 4 the weight is going to start coming off more quickly. Why? Because it takes your body time to adapt to your new routines, part of it still believes you will eventually feed it what you once use to so in other terms it’s kind of being stale at the moment. I believe that once your body realizes that it’s not going to encounter copious amounts of junk food and other crap it will begin to burn the excess fat because well really, it has to. You are eating less, eating better foods, your liver is not gummed up with cholesterol or in my case alcohol so  now it can aid in the breakdown of food’s better which means an increase in metabolism and quicker weight loss.
That’s the other aspect of an un-healthy liver it weighs you down, because when it is not functioning at full capicity a lot of toxins that we breathe, digest and absorb through our skin isn’t getting filtered so you are feeling the effects of a higher toxicity which can really burden the body. This is why keeping your liver as clean as possible will really make you feel better overall. Anyways here’s the breakdown! Note that I will be changing up some items on my daily food list, I do this often with usually one or two food items to find an even better balance but you can choose any daily meal routine that suits you, they are all  designed to stave off hunger pains, increase weight loss, improve mental and physical performance and get the most out of your daily intakes. My newly revised routine will lower both calories and carbs to give an even faster burn because right now shedding the fifty pounds I gained in the past year and a half is my top priority.

As is tradition… lol Here is the breakdown:

Wrap up day five:
Diet A.M.:
1 serving of wheat grass – 9am (they say wheat grass juice should be taken minimum 30 minutes before eating, it is a great cleanser for the blood).
1/2 Carrot Muffin, plus 1/2 slice of an oatcake and 2 pitted honey dates – 10am
1/2 of a calorie reduced pb & nutella sandwhich – 11am
4 cups of decaf coffee (equivalent to one XL) with milk no sugar – 11am – 2pm

Diet P.M.:
1/4 amount of the recipe (approx. 2 cups) of raddichio and spinach soup – 12pm
1/2 Cup of homemade oil and vinegar coleslaw – 2pm
1 Scoop of berry Vega Shake dissolved in water – 3pm  Vega is a great source of protein and whole ground up foods I drink mostly the berry flavoured Vega, they also have chocolate, vanilla chai and natural (the chocolate kind of tastes like the smell of marijuana). Note Vega is an aquired taste so don’t be alarmed you will learn to love your vega!
1 serving of homemade Fruit salad blend- 3:30pm
6x baby carrots + 1 celery stalk sliced into quarters – 4pm
Cranberry-Bulgar Stuffed Acorn squash with Cesar Salad – 5:30pm
Cereal Parfait – 7:30pm
1/2 cup of un-pasturiezed apple cider – 9:30pm

Workout for day five:
Aerobics Mel B’s Totally Fit – 45 mins warm up, cardio, arms, tums, cool down
10 Minutes on the Elliptical
Walking – 1 mile = 25mins
Approx calories burned: 600 intake under 1500

Day six:
1 shot of frozen wheat grass juice (thawed overnight with my pre-made lunch) – 9am (they say wheat grass juice should be taken minimum 30 minutes before eating, it is a great cleanser for the blood).
Big-a-bfest – 9am
4 cups of decaf coffee (equivalent to one XL) with milk no sugar – 11am – 2pm

Diet P.M.:
Veggie Burger – 12pm
Homemade trail mix – 4pm
Rotisserie chicken thigh with mashed potato and Cesar Salad– 5:30pm
Any kind of cereal with milk – 7:30pm
1/2 cup of un-pasturiezed apple cider – 9:30pm

Day seven:
Blueberry muffin – 8am (had an appointment no time to spare!)
Big-a-bfest – 10:30am
Sweet D’jon Salad – 1pm
Homemade trail mix – 2pm
6 baby carrots and 1 celery stalk – 4pm
Roast beef (again) with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn and Cesar Salad (small sides) – 5:30pm
Any kind of cereal with milk – 7:30pm
1/2 cup of un-pasturiezed apple cider – 9:30pm

Both day six and seven under 1500 calories.
Start weight: 175 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs / 55 lbs
Current weight: 171
Pounds left to lose: 51

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