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Veg 4 Ninety – Day two – (Vegetarian for 90 days) – Weight loss and Diet

Yesterday marked day two and I am already down another pound!! Typically I don’t weigh myself everyday but for the first week or two I will because it’s all part of the study! And so far that study indicates that by cutting out meat, fast food and junk food you can pretty much each a whole bunch of ‘good for you’ foods and LOSE weight!

Mind you it was also Halloween yesterday so as I sit here and type this I’ve already munched down a chocolate bar. But am I worried about it? No! It’s just a chocolate bar, if I put an extra pound on overnight I’ll know where it came from I’ll get over it and lose the pound the following day. Now if you were to keep eating chocolate bars then you can put the blame on you.

Outside of this whole lifestyle change I have also adopted some new forms of self, the french woman self. French and American’s are impeccably different and very fascinating indeed. The French woman attitude is my main motivator I want that “Je ne sais quoi” that “I don’t know” which French woman are fabulously known for.

Let’s go back to the chocolate bar.. No! Let’s go back to before the chocolate bar, back a few weeks ago when I had consumed an entire box of girl guide cookies in less than 24 hours.. I was like a rabid dog sick from eating so many cookies, my teeth singed with pain but I just kept on eating them. So how is it that I am able to stop now at just one chocolate bar? Simple, Less is ALWAYS more.

Diet’s are inhumane, they bar you from enjoying those little delicacies that give life that extra little spice. But that’s exactly all that it should be just an extra bit of spice. You can have a chocolate bar and not let it consume you if you know when to stop. If you have issues with control and can’t stop you need to throw the rest out or give it away. You need to do what is best for you and it can be hard but oh so rewarding.

Anyways enough with the off topic rambling. Since day one (on day three, so really only 48 hours) I am down 4.2 pounds, I haven’t gone hungry I’ve had a wide variety of salty, mediocre and sweet treats and best of all, everything I’ve put into myself body is working for me and not against me.  Here’s a breakdown of yesterday’s diet and exercise:

Diet A.M.:
1 serving of wheat grass – 9am (they say wheat grass juice should be taken minimum 30 minutes before eating, it is a great cleanser for the blood).
1 glass of instant honey gingered drink (because I’m not feeling well boo!) – 10am
1x Carrot Muffin – 10am
1/2 of a calorie reduced pb & nutella sandwhich – 11am
4 cups of decaf coffee (equivalent to one XL) with milk no sugar – 11am – 2pm

Diet P.M.:
2 cups of raddichio and spinach soup – 12pm
1/2 Cup of homemade oil and vinegar coleslaw – 2pm
1 Scoop of berry Vega Shake dissolved in water – 3pm  Vega is a great source of protein and whole ground up foods I drink mostly the berry flavoured Vega, they also have chocolate, vanilla chai and natural (the chocolate kind of tastes like the smell of marijuana). Note Vega is an aquired taste so don’t be alarmed you will learn to love your vega!
1 serving of homemade Fruit salad blend- 3:30pm
5x baby carrots + 1 celery stalk sliced into quarters – 4pm (This is when I start making lunches for the next day usually  takes me 30 minutes to prepare for two people. Then I begin making dinner.)
Veggie burger with large Cesar Salad and a milk orange pekoe tea with 1 tsp sugar – 5:30pm
Mixed Cereal Parfait – 8pm
1/2 cup of un-pasturiezed apple cider – 10pm

When it comes to salads and my meals I always lay the salad on thick, honestly it takes up like 70% of my plate so don’t be afraid to be generous with it. It really helps to give you that full and satisfied feeling and best of all if you are cautious with how much dressing and cheese you are using you can typically keep your salad under 150 calories.

Workout regime:
35 Minutes of weight lifting at the gym
20 Minutes of Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates series with the Slimming Band
10 Minutes on the Elliptical (easiest setting)
1 Mile walk = 25 mins
Approx. Calories burned: 500 Approx. Calories consumed: Under 1500, Carbs less than 200.

Do you know that typically it takes 3000 calories burned to lose one pound of fat? That means if I weren’t shedding pounds so rapidly it would take me 6 days of workouts to burn 1 pound. The workouts in my scenario are just accelerating the fat burning process, my diet would work for those who don’t want to hit the gym. As long as you at least walked 1 mile a day you’d get fantastic results like me!

I will be adding a category sometime soon directed at my eating/workout schedules and recipes so that you don’t have to search my entire blog for particulars. Until next time.. Happy vegging!





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