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Veg 4 Ninety – Day one – (Vegetarian for 90 days) – Weight loss

So here’s a little bit about me and my system, I always pre-make my lunch the night before and eat almost the same thing everyday except for dinner and on weekends, weekends there is a system but it’s more laxed.
I make enough soup and slaw for the 5 days ahead and store it in the fridge. All my recipes are catered to one person unless otherwise stated, if you are cooking for two or more just double up the recipe.

I know a lot of you are going to criticize me for claiming to be vegetarian when infact I will be for only 5 days a week but my system is designed to cater to the general public. The general public can’t always get away with going full-on vegetarian or vegan, even though there are some contradicting statements between medical professionals some say meat is bad (which in large amounts anything is) while other vegans and vegetarians are being forced by their doctors to include meat products into their diet for health issues. Even famous vegans and vegetarians have been going off their diet for the sake of un-born children. My 90-day challenge will be a challenge because I do enjoy meat and animal products but I also believe that yes a lot of the food sowed and the water used world wide to feed ‘food’ animals could be used to help end world hunger and I do believe that animal’s have feelings, families and don’t deserve to be treated the way many production facilities treat them which is why I am doing the only thing I can do and that is to cut it out 5 days a week. It is better than doing nothing, than ignoring the realities. I also believe that if the rest of the world were to follow my lead and treat meat more like a delicacy and less like a staple meal that it would have an positive impact on a massive level. Plus it would end obesity, reduce heart attacks and aging, reduce cancer’s and stop abusing the planet on such a severe scale. Bottom line is I don’t need anyone to lecture me about animal rights or how I am a hypocrite I know very well what I am doing and am very well educated in where our food comes from. If you really want to help you’d stop pushing so hard and meet the general public half-way like I am doing.

Now let’s begin!

Yesterday was day one, I weighed myself in the morning at 175.4 and today I am already at 172.7 (that’s 2.7 lbs in one day! Amazing right?). Just so you know a year and a half ago I was at my lowest 125 lbs, healthy and feeling great so what happened? Fast food, binge drinking and copious amounts of junk food and meat got the best of me. I had been following this exact diet that I am preaching for 5 years prior before falling off the wagon. Before those 5 years I was at my heaviest 183 lbs. It’s a shocker when you wake up and realize you’ve gained 50 lbs in one year, absolutely insane and it’s our love for processed foods and lack of appreciation for good foods that does this to us. But in my case it was mostly my love for alcohol which triggered me to go on these all-night eating benders. But don’t worry!  I’ve found a way to make being healthy fun and deliciously tasty.. I love my food like a lot, a lot so I promise not to disappoint!

Day one was good, I kept myself eating so I didn’t have any problems going from Wendy’s for lunch and a steak’n egg fried rice for dinner followed by a 500 cal cupcake for dessert to falaffel salad with a bowl of delicious berry cereal. Here’s what I ate and did yesterday for exercise:

Diet A.M.:
1 serving of wheat grass – 9am (they say wheat grass juice should be taken minimum 30 minutes before eating, it is a great cleanser for the blood).
1 glass of instant honey gingered drink (because I’m not feeling well boo!) – 10am
1x Carrot Muffin – 10am
1/2 of a calorie reduced pb & nutella sandwhich – 11am
4 cups of decaf coffee (equivalent to one XL) with milk no sugar – 11am – 2pm

Diet P.M.:
2 cups of raddichio and spinach soup – 12pm
1/2 Cup of homemade oil and vinegar coleslaw – 2pm
1 Scoop of berry Vega Shake dissolved in water – 3pm  Vega is a great source of protein and whole ground up foods I drink mostly the berry flavoured Vega, they also have chocolate, vanilla chai and natural (the chocolate kind of tastes like the smell of marijuana). Note Vega is an aquired taste so don’t be alarmed you will learn to love your vega!
1 serving of homemade Fruit salad blend- 3:30pm
5x baby carrots + 1 celery stalk sliced into quarters – 4pm (This is when I start making lunches for the next day usually  takes me 30 minutes to prepare for two people. Then I begin making dinner.)
Falaffel Salad with a milk orange pekoe tea and 1 tsp sugar – 5:30pm
Mixed Cereal Parfait – 8pm
1/2 cup of un-pasturiezed apple cider – 10pm

Work-out regime:
50 Minutes of Mel B’s Totally Fit Aerobics (Warm-up, Advanced Cardio, Legs, Bums and Cool down). (afternoon)
10 Minutes on the Elliptical easiest setting (combined with aerobics done in the afternoon)
25 Minutes of walking around the block after cereal (at night just before showering, after I had eaten everything).

On average I burnt about 600 calories yesterday and ate around 1500 with about 200 carbs which is ideal for a healthy female body plus I make sure that I drink 2L (8 glasses of water) everyday! I have posted a picture of the jug I use, I just fill it up in the morning and make sure it’s all gone by 8pm.


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